- PSYCHO (Ángela Millano & Julián Pacomio, 50’) - Ángela Millano, Julián Pacomio | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

PSYCHO (Ángela Millano & Julián Pacomio, 50’)



PSYCHO is a piece about two almost identical cinematographic sequences (the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and the homonymous remake by Gus Van Sant, made in 1998). What appears when two different but almost equal things are seen simultaneously?

PSYCHO is a piece about the anatomy of two images and their skinning. PSYCHO is a way to dilate the time of each body and make its weight present. PSYCHO is pausing the flow of time and rigorously observing the moments and details of what is happening inside. PSYCHO is a mirror game. PSYCHO is about the doubles. PSYCHO is a copy plus its original. PSYCHO is much more than a remake. PSYCHO is a drop of blood falling on a puddle of blood. PSYCHO are green and gray horizontal lines. PSYCHO has to do with the third man. PSYCHO is a third body.

PSYCHO, as well as the piece Make It, Don’t Fake It (2019),  is part of Asleep Images research project, which asks: Can a person itself store, be, represent and reproduce cinematographic content?


Ángela Millano