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Riddles of the Sphinx

Introduced by the Programming Group

Riddles of the Sphinx, Laura Mulvey

19:00 Presentation: Programming Group

20:00 Projection: Riddles of the Sphinx, Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, United Kingdom, 1977, 92, DCP, OV EN, Subtitles EN

In 1975 Laura Mulvey wrote Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, a revolutionary book that changed the theory of feminist cinema and the vision of many people forever. Through psychoanalysis, she analysed the image of women in Hollywood films and showed that these films were made for men.  She translated film theory into practice for the second time with Peter Wollen in the film Riddles of the Sphinx.

Laura Mulvey begins the film herself, speaking directly to the viewer and explaining all the different aspects of the film. The protagonist is Louise, a young mother who, after separating, tries to get on at her work while taking care of her son. We join Louise’s journey through 13 fragments of the story that take place in different locations and make up a 360-degree panorama. We accompany Louise on her journey: a housewife, a mother, a woman who becomes aware of her reality and becomes empowered.



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