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The Road + Paddy Steer

The Road + Paddy Steer


Paddy Steer will perform live the original soundtrack composed for The Road by John Hilcoat.


The Road, John Hillcoat, USA, 2009, 112'

A disaster of mysterious origin has devastated the earth and the only thing left in this post-apocalyptic landscape is an eternal desert through which some survivors roam. It is where we place the two main characters of this film, a father and a son (Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee) who try to follow a road to the hot lands of the south. It will be a journey of pure survival, because the resources of the earth have almost completely disappeared and the road is now a hostile and dangerous place taken by bandits and cannibals.

The Road is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Cormac McCarthy, one of the great contemporary American writers  (with the permission of Philip Roth, Thomas Pynchon and Don Delillo). If in No Country for Old Men (2007) Coen brothers adapted the most borderline and violent McCarthy, in The Road, John Hillcoat manages to reflect, with the inestimable help of Javier Aguirresarobe's photography, the most apocalyptic and visionary McCarthy .




And, how can we combine that heart-rending universe of the endless road with the musical proposal by the chameleonic Paddy Steer? The contrast of universes is going to be quite an experience, because there where the film shows desolation, the rhythms played by Steer's battery transmit life. Although it is also true that Paddy Steer and his collection of costumes and instruments "low-fi-mad-max-puppet-style" (already taken) could well be part of the universe of eccentric characters of that world razed and about to disappear forever .

Paddy Steer is a chameleonic orchestra man from Manchester, capable of playing bass, drums and ukulele at the same time. The Briton is an amazing, hallucinated and unclassifiable character who since the end of the 80s has continually pollinated the ever vibrant English music scene. In this time he has put his versatility to the service of projects of the most diverse sounds, from the post punk of Biting Tongues to the visionary electronics of 808 State or the soul of Yargo, with special mention for his unclassifiable Homelife adventure. In the last decade he has focused his efforts on his solo career, causing his versatile multi-instrumental character to emerge in the eccentric man orchestra. The result is an unclassifiable melting pot of sonorities, which this crazy professor presents dressed as a discarding Sun Ra of video games, submitting instruments to those who have previously modified entrails and appearance. His live shows are like entering the cabinet of a magician-inventor of the Renaissance, this is well known to the public from San Sebastian, who had the opportunity to enjoy his trip at the Dabadaba Halloween party in 2016.

Steer was the founder of the Ninja Tunes label in Manchester and his musical and artistic proposal goes through, like a road to the south, from Ethiopian jazz to Nina Simone. The British looks at the East and the West from outer space, and signs retrofuturistic landscapes in which his encyclopedic musical culture is blurred with childish colors and robotic voices. Mixing an infinite list of acoustic instruments, and analogue pottery invites a deconstructed and unprejudiced dance in which fusion jazz, cosmic and acid with Balkan music, kraut, low fidelity, indie, 8-bit and noise.

With over thirty years of career (ranging from punk to Hawaiian music), with three solo albums and a whole collection of sound objects (xylophone, synth, maracas, vocoder masks, etc.) surrounding their drums, this meeting "on the road "promises to be one of the experiences of the winter season.

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