- Sculpting Sound - RRUCCULLA (aka. Izaskun González) | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Sculpting Sound

Experimental concert accompanied by visuals


An expressionist focus of volume, light, texture, matter, colour, space, and the environment through synthesised sounds.

Invented stages and abstract sculpture designs that are formed using sound as a construction material and software synthesizers as a tool.

As an unusual concert from RRUCCULLA, “Esculpiendo sonido” (Sculpting Sound) provides space for different creative possibilities, the shaping of music, how sound can impact us emotionally, or even change our perception. 

These sessions fall within the Zin Ex. Body and Architecture exhibition’s programme of activities. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This session is part of a double event: At 18:00 the film 1/2 Mensch will be screened, followed by the concert by Rrucculla at 19:00. Both events will be accessible with a single ticket. 

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