Tabakalera publicly announces the result of the call for proposals for their 2021 artist residencies | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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28-10-2020 11:30

Tabakalera publicly announces the result of the call for proposals for their 2021 artist residencies

Angela Bonadies, Camila Téllez, Isaías Griñolo + Javiera de la Fuente, and Yen Noh will participate in the residencies that will be completed at Tabakalera between January and March 2021.

Tabakalera has publicly announced the result of the call for proposals for their 2021 residencies, for which a total of 330 proposals were submitted. The Judges’ Panel was comprised of Peio Agirre (curator and writer), Iñaki Gracenea (artist), Gema Intxausti (artist), as well representatives from Tabakalera’s Contemporary Art Department.

These are the individuals selected to complete their projects at Tabakalera:


Angela Bonadies “Hacer los cuatrocientos golpes: diario de camino” - ‘Striking four-hundred times: diary along the way’

Camila Téllez “Transición primaveral (Part II: Vampyring)” - ‘Spring Transition (Part II: Vampyring)’

Isaías Griñolo + Javiera de la Fuente “Luciérnaga IV” - ‘Firefly IV’

Yen Noh “The Impossible Avant-garde: Can We Talk About MAVO?”


The residencies will last for between four and eight weeks and are planned to be carried out between January and March 2021 at Tabakalera's Creators’ Space, an area that aims to support the professional development of artists and/or cultural agents.

This space provides resources for artistic creation (loaned spaces, technical and human resources, residency programmes) and provides a support and visibility programme for artistic practices, in addition to offering information and advice about administrative matters, grants, and external calls for proposals.


International residency programme

The call to complete artistic projects at Tabakalera is the result of an international residency programme to support artists, creators, and cultural agents that the centre carries out annually. Said aid programme aims to support production processes and to provide assistance, at both a conceptual level and at a production level.

This programme, along with others set up in Tabakalera, aims to create a space in which different agents and their projects coexist to bring about possible collaborations between residents and guest agents. Tabakalera's international residency programme plays a crucial role in continually addressing these issues and demonstrating a clear intention to interlink the different aspects of our public offering. The programme in undoubtedly an opportunity to collaborate with new local and international agents—key players in enriching and growing the Tabakalera project.

Various specific lines of activity have been developed within Tabakalera's cultural programme linked to reflection and debate on the modern world. The cultural centre uses the diversity of its programme to bring its audiences closer to issues which affect modern society.