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Thermidor + Orléans

Virgil Vernier

Thermidor, Virgil Vernier, France, 2009, 16'
Vicky is a revolutionary, a rocker and a prophet of the apocalypse in the West that calls for a return to the values of chivalry. Ingrid, thirty years younger, accompanies him to the mass in tribute of Louis XVI. “Tonight I have an appointment with the Duchess / I'll prepare my black leather and silk scarf / I'll see that naïve princess again / We will be together in the mysteries of the mansion”.

Orléans, Virgil Vernier, France, 2012, 58'
Year 2011. Joane and Sylvia have been working as dancers at a strip club on the outskirts of Orléans for twenty years. In the city centre the Joan of Arc Festival is being held, and the two women find themselves in the midst of this strange celebration.
"She is victory and humiliation / She is eternal youth and the tragedy of death / Long live Joan of Arc, Long Live Orléans, Long Live France!"

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