Anarchivo sida - True In My Body - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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True In My Body


How do you listen to an aids anarchive from a position of non-legitimacy and the sensuality of the art itself? A group of guests create a day of actions and inactions, called ‘passivations of the anarchive’, encouraging participants to let themselves go to spaces of unforeseen attention.

It is not activism, it is not a family activity, it is not a workshop, it is not performance art, it is not a piece, it is a day with things in the Aids Anarchive (with Miren Jaio, Jesús Jeleton, Héctor Rey, Susana Talayero and Maia Villot).


Tabakalera     Donostia San Sebastián Capital Europea de la Cultura