Dia calendario

  • 10:00

    Space 0-6

    The 0-6 Space is the result of a participative design and construction process. It is a space for children aged 0-6 and their families to be together, play and carry out a variety of activities. It is a mobile space that can be activated in different locations in Tabakalera.

    Saturday, 1 April 2017 > Saturday, 30 May 2020 / 10:00 Location: Hirikilabs
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • 11:00

    What's your hero or heroine like?

    We'll come together in this workshop to draw superheroes and superheroines. 

    Thursday, 18 October 2018 > Friday, 19 October 2018 / 11:00 Location: Ubik
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • 16:00
    Fairs and meetings

    Hirikilabs Plaza 10: Project developing sessions

    Hirikilabs Plaza are the sessions taking place every Thursday afternoon, open laboratory sessions. An environment for interaction with individuals, groups and communities of practice, so that together they can make ideas evolve from DIY (do it yourself) to DIWO (do it with other people).

    Thursday, 1 March 2018 > Thursday, 28 June 2018 / 16:00 Location: Hirikilabs
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • 16:30

    Live art | Sandra Garayoa

    En mi trabajo destacan los trazos expresivos, las formas orgánicas y las manchas descontroladas.

    Location: Kutxa Kultur Plaza
    Organiser: Kutxa Fundazioa
  • 18:00

    La colmena que dice sí

    Let's get together to buy the best food available, directly from local farmers and foodmakers.

    Location: Impact Hub Donostia
    Organiser: Impact Hub Donostia
  • 19:00

    Nosa Marshal


    Location: Kutxa Kultur Plaza
    Organiser: Kutxa Fundazioa
  • 19:30
    Fairs and meetings

    Responsible consumption day

    We will celebrate the experience and achievements of the "Between Land and City" program, coinciding with the first anniversary of La Colmena Donostia.

    Location: Impact Hub Donostia
    Organiser: Impact Hub Donostia
  • 20:00

    La mujer de Lot / 87 cartas de amor / Emiliana de Zubeldia / Nerabe

    Focus: HELENA TABERNA / La mujer de Lot (Helena Taberna, 1990); 87 cartas de amor (Helena Taberna, 1992); Emiliana de Zubeldia (Helena Taberna, 1993); Nerabe (Helena Taberna, 1996). 63'. *Presentation: Carlos Muguiro.

    Location: Cinema - Screen 2
    Organiser: Basque Film Archive