Tuning Scores: composition, communication, and the sense of imagination - Lisa Nelson | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Tuning Scores: composition, communication, and the sense of imagination

Workshop and laboratory by Lisa Nelson

Tuning Scores
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Tuning scores is a multi-sensory introduction to the questions: What do we "see" when we observe dance? What do we "see" through dance itself? The musical scores offer us their own external communication tools, and ways of forcing us to show ourselves the way we each feel and interpret movement. By focusing on sight, touch, and sound, our body's opinions become apparent, and the game of conversation-in-action begins with space, time, movement, and the desire to form experiences. These explorations cross the lines between disciplines, giving a glimpse into the creation process of dance and performance.

Following the workshop in Azala (21-25 November), a group of eight creators will continue working with Lisa Nelson in Tabakalera for one week (28 November-3 December) in a laboratory format.

The laboratory will close at Tabakalera with the presentation of a piece entitled EndPlay: An Observatory, in which together we will witness the birth of a dance through a single action, the body intoxicated with imagination, the dance of consequences, a theatre of opinion, the fleeting moment of attention and intention that illuminates the circumstances of the body.


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    03-12-2016 - 19:00

    'EndPlay: An Observatory' is a piece of dance that closes the creation-training project directed by the American choreographer Lisa Nelson 'Tuning Scores: composition, communication, and a sense of imagination'.

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