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Vendredi soir

A film by Claire Denis

Vendredi soir, Claire Denis

Vendredi soir, Claire Denis, Frantzia, 2001, 90'

"Night. In a dark corner of the city, a couple kissing. It is not a normal kiss but a vehement one: they kiss but they also eat each other's fingers, they smell their hair, their cheeks rub, their bodies attract. Is it a dream? It could be: an hour before they were surrounded by people and trapped in an infernal traffic jam, the most beautiful traffic jam filmed in the history of cinema. Only Claire Denis (with her fades, her chamber sweeps, her dazzling details, her sensual montage) could make immobility look so frantic. But now those cars, those lights, are not there. The couple is alone in a city of shadows. Is it a dream? It could be: an hour ago these two people did not even know each other. They are two animals that were met and needed, in a connection that does not reside in romanticism or ingenious dialogues, but in the erotic complicity of anxieties. An extraordinary female gaze about what desire is in an electric and fragmented city. With Vendredi Soir, her warmest film, an irrefutable truth is certified: Claire Denis is the best living director in the world". Fernando Vílchez


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