Tabakalera | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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After 90 years as a cigarette factory, Tabakalera reopened its doors in 2015 following refurbishment as an International Centre for Contemporary Culture. It now houses a variety of projects and cultural institutions.

All of the institutions and projects in Tabakalera share one mission: to help develop the artistic and critical capacity of Basque society through creative and participative leisure activities.


The polyphonic nature of the centre fosters a highly diverse cultural offering that has something for all. Everyone is invited to create, explore, experience, cross inter-disciplinary borders, try out new things, and to collaborate, participate and become part of creative communities and diverse projects. Tabakalera is a place for meeting, dialogue and co-creation.

We aim to generate reflection and spark questions, to seek answers to the great challenges facing contemporary societies and to stay connected with the avant-garde and the trends of the time.

Tabakalera’s main areas of influence are film and audiovisual art, contemporary art and the creative and cultural industries, particularly design and creative gastronomy. The centre also hosts activities linked to music, fashion, performing arts and others.

Tabakalera exists primarily to provide the impetus for creative processes. The centre provides support and resources to artists working across diverse disciplines. Tabakalera is also a laboratory for cross-fertilisation of ideas and projects. It builds bridges between artists and industry which help develop the cultural system as a whole.

It is also a place for enjoying culture and leisure; a place where general knowledge and critical thought are supported.

Institutions in Tabakalera:

    • San Sebastian Film Festival
    • Etxepare Basque Institute
    • Basque Film Archive
    • Kutxa Foundation
    • LABe
    • Zineuskadi
    • Elías Querejeta Film School

Private initiatives:

    • Impact Hub
    • Basque Living