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Workshop with Dora García

El Helicoptero

In relation to the two films that will be presented in Tabakalera, The Joycean Society (2013) and Segunda Vez (2018), Dora García proposes two reading sessions as a group.

The first of them, the very particular reading of the book Finnegans Wake, will involve following the guidelines that were followed in the film of 2013: there are no hierarchies, there are no experts, there is collaborative and fun working together in which we try to unravel a few paragraphs of the inexhaustible book. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary. Some knowledge of English is required, but this does not have to be very advanced. All participants must have their copy of Finnegans Wake, although we will make sure that some extra copies are available for the occasion.

The second collective reading relates one of the episodes of the film Segunda Vez, called El Helicóptero (The Helicopter) – filmed in San Sebastian with the collaboration of Tabakalera – with a story by Roberto Bolaño from the book La literatura nazi en América” (“Nazi Literature in America”). This is the story of Ramírez Hoffman, el infame (The infamous Ramírez Hoffman), in which the notion of state terror and avant-garde art are interrelated in a very disturbing way.




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