L'Intrus - Zombie Movie + Cat People - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Zombie Movie + Cat People

Dialogues with the exhibition by Natasha Marie Llorens

Cat People (La mujer pantera), Jacques Tourneur


But black sin hath betrayed to endless night / my world, both parts, and both parts must die.

John Donne


Zombie Movie, Samir Ramdani, 2016, Frantzia, 20', DCP, no dialogues

Cat People (La mujer pantera), Jacques Tourneur, USA, 1942, 73', 1942, 73', 35mm, OV En, Sub. ES
Irena is working on a life drawing of a black panther. The pair fall in love; their future seems happy. But a secret curse stops Irena from committing to her marriage—an ancestral legend from her homeland of Serbia which says that if they kiss, she’ll turn into a black panther. The happy picture becomes a horror story plagued with mystery, jealousy and after-dark attacks.

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