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Into Spring, Udo Prinsen, Holland, 2011


Zoo is the title for this first morning session that consits on animated and live action short films for all ages where the main character is an animal: giraffes, zebras, cats, butterflies... An entire zoo in the screen. Children under 12 years, accompannied by an adult, free entrance.


  • Hen Hop, Norman McLaren, 1942, 4'
  • 5,80 mètres, Nicolas Devaux, France, 2012, 5'
  • Zebra, Julia Ocker, Germany, 2013, 3'
  • Into Spring, Udo Prinsen, Holland, 2011, 5'
  • Chat écoutant la musique, Chris Marker, France, 1990, 3'
  • Les Fables en délire: La Poule, l'Élephant et le Serpent, Fabrice Luang-Vija, France, 2012, 5'
  • Accident revisited, Isabel Herguera, Spain, 2012, 1'10''

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