- Maite Larburu y Garazi Navas. Concert - Maite Larburu, Garazi Navas, Carlos Taroncher | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Maite Larburu y Garazi Navas. Concert

Musika, dena eta eszena


Our project in the Contemporary Art department uses the sonority of three musical instruments – the accordion, the violin and bass clarinet – to explore the dialogue between cutting edge and tradition.

These two approaches or emotional experiences look at a vast temporal spectrum, turning this concert into an opportunity to understand and look more closely at the dialectics between what is new and what is ancient. We look at three musicians from the immediate context. Using their relationship with these musical instruments, improvisation and the performance of a repertoire with very specific origins, they reflect on the exercise of listening as being linked to the techniques they develop for their musical creations and performances, and the relationships that are established within these between the past, tradition and a present which is impossible to keep isolated.

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Garazi Navas