Solveig Suess | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Solveig Suess

Solveig Suess

Sophie Dyer and Solveig Suess live and work in London, UK.

Dyer and Suess are independent researchers and designers working between the UK and China. They recently completed studying at the Centre for Research Architecture in Goldsmiths, where their work investigated the aesthetic and spatial dimensions of 'slow violence'. They collaborate with NGOs, writers, artists and cultural organisations to produce projects that move between design, journalism and research. Together they edit Concrete Flux, a bilingual journal that publishes experiments on spatial politics and ‘aesthetic journalism’.

Concrete Flux has taken part in: Homeshop, Institute for Provocation, Beijing Design Week, Aotu Studio, Beijing; LA Art Book Fair, Los Angeles; Printed Matter, New York; Archizines, Beijing and Moscow; Facing Pages, Arhnem; Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tokyo; Guangzhou Art Book Fair, Times Museum Guangzhou; Teetering at the Edge of the World, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo Montevideo Uruguay; Making Community, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Arts Manchester; Spontaneous Order, Center for Contemporary Architecture Montreal.

Work presented in the exhibition "Estudiotik at. 5 Years of Creation"